Monday, November 09, 2009

Chomp & Stomp 2009

Jeff and I headed to Cabbagetown for the Chomp and Stomp on Saturday. Our goal was to leave by 11:00 am. Gotta get there early to get the chili. We left about 11:30, parked on Chester and made our way over to the park.

We hit the restaurant chili first and Ria's was my favorite! Then we slowly made our way to the competitors chili. We got to Tye street about 12:30 and folks were out or running out. We were still able fill our bellies with some good chili and some not so good chili.

As we were making our to the Sweetwater beer truck. Jeff spotted a sign that said BBQ $5 and on the smoker I saw this...

and I wished I had not filled my belly with chili.

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