Thursday, February 28, 2008

For Sale

One sister for sale!
One sister for sale!
One crying and spying young sister for sale!
I'm really not kidding,
So who'll start the bidding?
Do I hear a dollar?
A nickel?
A penny?
Oh, isn't there, isn't there, isn't there any
One kid who will buy this old sister for sale,
This crying and spying young sister for sale?

okay not my sister, but my house is for sale.
I've always loved that poem

So after six years, we've decided to see if we can sell our house and find another...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jeff likes

Here's the photo Jeff thinks I should have submitted. It was take by my friend Addison Will. "ryan mcginley style"
I told him I'll submit it next time.

April - Atlanta magazine

I've been shooting for Atlanta Magazine for over a year now. I love it. I've been asked to give them a bio and a photo, so I can be listed as a contributor. I'm so excited! So mid March start looking for it.

This is the photo I submitted. Thank God I had a hair appt scheduled. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wing War 1: The sauce beneath my wings

Wing War 1: The sauce beneath my wings. Here's the deal everyone that attends brings wings from their favorite place or some place you've wanted to try. These photos are of the carnage. Thanks to Anne & Todd for taking the photos.

Here's a list of the wings that were brought.

Righteous Room
Fox Bros
Manuals Tavern (with extra sauce)
Publix Mardi Gras
Fawkes Homemade Wings (Drum)
Taco Mac
Yacht Club Sweet
Happy Donut
Burger Win Old Bay
Flat Iron (They are normally better than these)
Seafood & Wings
Dawa Buffalo
Dawa Thai Chili
Yacht Club Hot
Buffalo China
Fawkes Homemade Wings (flat)
Da Bomb Lemon Pepper
ASAP Buffalo
Gravity Lemon Pepper


Here is Louie. He loves to sit on my lap while I'm on the computer. I took these with my iPhone.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I voted, did you?